Monastero Bormida - Langa Astigiana (30 km from Alba)

A splendid high hill landscape, strewn with villages, castles, towers and ancient stone farmhouses, typical of the Langa Astigiana. Here, among the silences of suggestive atmospheres, the vineyards traditionally occupy the hilly peaks because they better express their characteristics by giving quality wines.

Winery and vineyards

Regione Sessania, 16, 14058 - Monastero Bormida - Asti (Italy)
SP 56 per Roccaverano
LAT  44.63297  LONG  8.30475

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Via Cavour 22   -  14058 Monastero Bormida - Asti (Italy).
Tel. +39 333 2545876 - TM +39 3335650217

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